Upload your mix to Cooz's1

Upload your mix to Cooz's

Please allow at least 6db of head room to ensure best results


We will master the track and get it back to you FAST for cutting to CD or vinyl ....and we can do that for you too!
Satisfaction is what you need!3

Satisfaction is what you need!

If you wish we can make adjustments to the initial master to better suit your taste.
Click here to check out our gear!4

Click here to check out our gear!

We have the best analogue mastering equipment including PMC 226's for unparalleled audio master monitoring.

feel free to ask

+44 1865 236 117

Or email for more information.

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£40 a Master

30% off when order 5 or more masters!

20% off when you rehearse at Cooz's!

+ an additional 10% off duplication when you master at Cooz's!